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Corporate sustainability

ESG Movements


FangYuan Group actively responds to sustainable actions and makes efforts in the three major areas of ESG



70 %

Compared with new materials, it can reduce carbon emissions

The extrusion production line fully uses recycled materials, which can reduce carbon emissions about more than 70% compared to virgin materials.

Injection production line
​Using recycled plastic materials

The injection production line has begun to use recycled plastic materials, to realize circular economy.

GREENuWood can be recycled and re-producted

The leftovers from the cutting of GREENuWood and the replacement materials after use can be recycled and reused, implementing a circular economy.

Say Yes! to RePlastic!


Sustainable Materials Library (SML) was established by Plastics Industry Development Center in 2020 from the perspective on establishing a circular ecosphere in Taiwan and worldwide.

SML locates in Taichung, Taiwan and demonstrates sustainable materials which are classified into 7 categories of plastics, fibers, rubbers, metals, minerals, natural materials and others (recycling materials, adhesives, coating, additives etc.). Designers, product developers could see, touch and feel raw materials, secondary processing products or application prototypes and receive information of material properties and treatment in the library. Material suppliers could get closer to market demands for sustainable materials through this platform.

A total of 12 products from the GREENuWood series were included in the Sustainable Materials Library


GREENuWood Closed Loop Recycling System




FangYuan Group gave back to the society by donating several ambulances.

Giving back to society

Fang Yuan Group has given back to the society by donating several ambulances to fire departments in various counties and cities.

Support charity

UniGreenTek supports social welfare and sponsors the decoration of charity stores.

Learning beauty and aesthetics

School campus renovation plan

UniGreenTek joined the "Learn Beauty. Aesthetics Project" to carry out aesthetic transformation of the campus environment; by introducing design thinking, the school becomes a place immersed in beauty.




ESG lessons

Support employees to sign up for ESG courses and cultivate green talents.

Flexible worktime

Flexible working hours allow employees to use their time freely.


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GREENuWood Catalog
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