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Green and Steady

Circular Economy


UniGreenTek was founded in 2020. Our goal is to become a renowned global company for our green business. UniGreenTek will consist on researching and developing new polymer materials by using recycled materials.

超耐綠科技有限公司 UniGreen Ltd.

About UniGreenTek

Product introduction

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GREENuWood is made from 100% recycled plastics, achieving the mission of 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle), and it can also protect trees and forests from over-cultivation. After getting the material, UniGreenTek can produce GREENuWood by its unique techniques without adding any adhesive and plasticizer. Therefore, harmful substances like Formaldehyde or TVOC are not detected in GREENuWood.


The obsolete lumber or products can be 100% recycled and smashed into polymer materials to produce GREENuWood, realizing a circular economy.



UniGreenTek is looking forward to further collaborate with companies in different fields to increase the use of circular materials.


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