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  • What is GREENuWood?
    GREENuWood is a new type of wood made from recycled polymer materials. It is free from adding any wood flour, so it can be waterproof, mothproof, non-toxic, and long lasting; Your top choice of wood.
  • Does GREENuWood add wood flour or fiber?
    GREENuWood does not contain wood fiber or flour, which is 100% waterproof and mothproof.
  • What is the difference between GREENuWood and WPC wood?
    The biggest difference between GREENuWood and WPC wood is the addition of wood flour. GREENuWood contains no wood flour, so you can get it wet, place it in coastal areas or even soak it into saltwater.
  • Why GREENuWood?
    GREENuWood is 100% environmentally friendly from production to recycling. While retaining the texture of natural wood, it can also prevent forests from over-cultivation
  • How to maintain GREENuWood?
    Regular maintenance is not required. If the surface is dirty, just rinse it with water.
  • How much does GREENuWood cost?
    The price of GREENuWood is higher than natural wood because the production cost is relatively high. However, wood needs regular maintenance and oiling every year. It needs to be renovated or even dismantled and rebuilt every two or three years when used outdoors. The long-term cost will be higher than GREENuWood.
  • How to process?
    GREENuWood can be handled just like wood, including planing, sawing, cutting, drilling, milling, grinding, CNC and more!
  • What should I pay attention to when cutting GREENuWood?
    To prevent the blade from sticking, you can add some stainless steel cleaner (white iron oil) on the blade.
  • Where can GREENuWood be used?
    GREENuWood can be used as angle pieces, fixed angle pieces, decorative grilles, plank floors, guardrails, landscape terraces, garden flower beds, decorative panels and furniture panels.
  • Can GREENuWood be glued like wood?
    GREENuWood can be bonded with wood adhesive just like ordinary wood boards. NP300 resin is recommended for outdoor use.


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